Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Need Your Help - Please Support Adams 12 School District

Hi Everyone,
It has been a very busy couple of weeks with my children getting ready to go back to school. Living in Northglenn, Colorado, we are fortunate to have the beautiful Rocky Mountains close by.
My eldest daughter, Kaitlyn, is preparing to start Middle School and with the current budget cuts that our school district had to make, it has meant that the Outdoor Education Program has been cut due to lack of funding for all the 6th grade students in the Adams 12 school district.
This program offers new 6th graders a wonderful experience where they have the opportunity to learn new skills and develop friendships and self confidence, as they make the transition from Elementary School to Middle School. It also benefits a number of High School students from Adams 12 school district who volunteer and provide guidance and assistance to the 6th graders during this program, teaching them leadership and responsibility.
In an effort to save this program, the organizers of the Outdoor Education Program as well as many staff from Adams 12 School district have put together a proposal for the Pepsi Challenge and the voting is currently underway for us to have an opportunity to win a grant to keep the program alive.
Please take a moment to visit this link or click on the icon on my sidebar of my blog and learn more about what we are trying to achieve and if possible, vote for our proposal. This means so much to the kids and the teachers, staff and parents are all working hard to help find ways to save the Outdoor Education Program for Adams 12 school district. Voting is open until August 31st, so please vote every day if you can and help us to have a chance of winning a grant through the Pepsi Challenge to help our children.
Thank you for your help.
Until Next Time.
Tricia Butts

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